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Dubai expats are looking forward to a long weekend. They know what they should do as we are getting hella orders for camping stuff. Deserts are synonymous when you mention UAE. This is because the country has so much in desert area than the cities. As a result, these deserts help the UAE in bringing tourists from all over the world for desert sports activities and are a major part of the UAE’s tourism infrastructure.

The places you can camp during this holiday start from the end of this month and go till the 4th of December for governmental organizations and some companies. It would be a bit busy, but never to be missed. Al Qudra lakes can be a good choice if you love lakes and fire camping during the event. If you are a trip lover, you might want to make the best of this holiday with your loved ones. A road trip around the UAE will make you elated, and you can fully say, time well spent.

We made a short article after making our shortlist:

Tent for a special moment’s covered with the Galaxy 

You will definitely need a tent, and that’s what camping is made for, especially if you were a small group, or just a couple having a good time, you don’t these cold waves hit you and your holiday now is ruined. It’s the friends and songs who will make you feel it’s close and wanted.

A pair of chairs will keep you chill 

The sand taste in everything is not good, and believe me when I tell you this, it will ruin your day and your night, it sticks, and it’s hard to remove already. But enjoying the golden hour and early morning minutes worth waiting for. These summer shades with the short pants and sun-cream are all you need, Relax and Hakuna Matata! It’s camping vibes. See the chairs on >>

BBQ grill to keep you full!

Let’s come to our main course and the most important thing for most of the people on this trip, it might be you or your friend, it’s a perilous mission, should be assigned to the most skillful one. Still, regardless of who will handle the Barbecuing and food, he needs all the BBQ tools near, from sticks to Kebab stick to the meat itself. He has to be ready. Check what Storeus has to make your BBQ party awesome >>

Fire and coal will keep you warm! 

It’s called camping for a reason. Remember when you watch a movie and hear the fire crackling, the rounded circle filled with joy and chants. Long nights and cozy fire people surround it. Yes, it’s the time when you can say I’m really having a good time! Fire up your grill with our range of coal products >>

Ecofriendly materials will save the world

Keep it light! Why do you want to consume your time washing dishes and annoying someone who has to wash the dishes? It’s not more than two nights. Treat yourself with disposable plates and cups. The coffee or whatever food you will make will not take a minute if you cook it well, now you can spend a bit longer with your friends and enjoy the happy moments you can make so much fun if you just pay attention to these little details. No need to take a heavy cutlery with you, grab these >>

Featherweight mattress 

For making your trip weightless and as comfortable as it should be, owning a foldable mattress could make you feel a bit like you are floating within the sand. The charming calmness and the absolutely magnificent view of the desert will make you wonder about it. If you are sleeping on the rooftop of your car or on the sand, we promise it will be one of the memorable things you do. Make your outdoor experience comfortable >>

Work could be addictive and overwhelming sometimes, the right way to treat ourselves is by getting a chilly time away from all the tech and noisy city, camping is a good idea actually, we try to make it as good and smooth trip as it should.

One of the most beautiful scenes happens here in the UAE desert, the magnificent nature and the open space make you want to gaze all day long in the sky. you might catch a shooting star somewhere, and definitely your wish may become true if you worked hard toward it.