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Most people rely on washing machines to do the exhausting task of washing clothes. We can use a washing machine to wash all types of clothes. There may be regular clothes like t-shirts, tops and pants and heavy clothes like bed sheets and curtains. But one must have a washing machine of good company. Geepas washing machines work in the best way to wash clothes. Geepas is an automated washing machine having a highly powerful moter system that creates low noise. It is designed with two tubs to performing a dual function. It washes the clothes as well as dries them.

Here we elaborate on some prominent points of the Geepas washing machine and its working procedure.

Fully automatic with top loading, Geepas washing can wash your clothes using less water than the front load machine. You just have to put the clothes in the steel drum, and it starts working with just single touch with the various options.

Auto imbalance correction

Generally, washing machines get imbalanced, and you have to call someone who can repair that device, which takes some time. But Geepas washing machine is built with an auto imbalance correction feature which uses a sensor to detect the weight of your clothes. It automatically takes the water without creating any trouble for you. This feature of auto-correction saves your time.

A quick wash in just 30 minutes

Geepas washing machine has a powerful inner drum which moves back and forth washing the clothes and moving back and forth removes the stains of clothes. Geepas washing machine is a fully automatic machine which a 340W power Moter that can easily wash out your dirty and stained clothes and provide you with neat, clean stained-free clothes. Geepas washing machine gives you washed clothes without wasting time.

Provide gentle fabric care with turbo wash


Geepas washing machine is designed with fast and clean washing technology, giving better care to the fabric. Geepas washing machine has powerful moter which helps you to wash heavy laundry easily. It has a strong pulsator that can clean your clothes without damaging the fabric.


No Tangling of clothes during washing

Geepas washing machine washes out the clothes properly without tangling or twisting them. in general, if the washing machine is of low quality, it intertwines the clothes during washing, and these twisted clothes create trouble for you. It takes much time to wash them. But in the Geepas washing machine, horizontal and vertical water currents wash the clothes properly without twisting them.


Air dryer

Geepas washing serves a dual purpose. It washes the clothes and also dries them. A dryer and a Geepas washing machine save time because drying the clothes naturally may take much time to dry. After washing spin cycle extracts all the moisture from the clothes. By doing this process, clothes become damp instead of wet, then the air dryer blows the air and dries the clothes in a short period.


The biggest advantage is that you can purchase the Geepas Washing Machine from Storeus using the Buy Now Pay Later function and get your washing machine quickly.