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Living in a good state, and having a comfortable lifestyle is a given for most of us, but this should not make us forget that there are many people which are less fortunate and don’t have the same access to this nice calm life.

As a community, we need to look after each other and we need to look after other communities with bad life-style, food issues, and health issues.

And I know that it is truly difficult as an individual to know how and where to provide our help, and that’s why it is always better to learn about local groups, activists, societies and to help with the causes we believe in, that’s why we want to introduce you to Dar Al Ber Society.

Dar Al Ber society has a variety of projects aimed to assist communities, orphans, students, and the poor.

The society is trying to help communities in and outside the emirates in  (South East Asia – Arab countries – Africa – the Indian Subcontinent – Asia and Europe)

Dar Al Ber is trying to help with different causes, some of it is related to the individuals’ health and well-being, some of it is related to the Islamic deeds such as Zakat, Expiation, Sacrifice and Quran memorization, the others are bigger projects related to towns and the community as a whole.

They give people the option to choose what their donation will do in specifics, anyone who wishes to donate can check the ongoing projects and donate to one particular one.

The projects which the society is already working on are:

1- Masajed:

Building Mosques in the small towns, and easing the people access to praying and having this holy place in their home town. The mosques are being built in UAE and in Africa, India, and many other places.

This is one of the big projects Dar Al Ber is working on, and anyone can choose the mosque they want to contribute in its building.

2-  Mosques services:

Providing the missing services in some mosques, like if the mosque is missing a carpet, printing Quraan, or even helping the Imam of the mosque with financial aid.

This service is according to the needs of the mosque, and the great thing about providing a praying carpet or printing Quraan that the good deed is ongoing although it is a simple one.

3- Water Projects:

The water project could be as simple as providing water filters, coolers for families or putting them in common places, or just giving water bottles for families and individuals or the project can be big like expanding the water network in some towns.

4- Endowment: 

The endowment service would be like providing fans, chairs of prayer, or any other required equipment for a mosque, hospital, or a poor family. It varies according to the need of the families/towns.

5- Families:

The aim of families oriented charity is to provide meals, veils, blankets, or even fruitful trees to the poor and orphans as kind assistance with their everyday life. The person has the option to choose a very simple charity as providing a veil to a Muslim orphan or they can choose to assist with their food or provide them with a tree to plant and take care of.

6- Health:

Dar Al Ber provides medical kits such as a medical stick for the blind, eyeglasses, diapers for the elderly or disabled, they also provide baby milk for the newborn and first aid Medicine bag to be used in a school or a medical center.

7- Expiation, Zakat, Sacrifice projects:

Dar Al Ber provides a way for people to have their deeds done, if they needed to have an expiation, or pay zakat or make a sacrifice, the person can check the projects and choose the suitable cause, the one he felt he believes in and wants to help with.

It is Dar Al Ber way to give a hand to everyone and assist the fortunate Muslims with their deeds and the less fortunate with their needs

8- Sponsor Orphans:

They also sponsor the orphans with any of their needs, from the stationary school supplies or any other necessities they had.

How do we contribute?

Here comes our turn as StoreUs to assist. We are proudly in partnership with Dar Al Ber Society. For every purchase our customer make, we donate 5 AED to Dar Al Ber causes. The donation amount is not added to the customer’s order total. It is cut from the profit of the product as we wanted to make sure the amount we are giving away is not taken from our customers but from the profit we made.

We believe in our part to provide help and to pay our deeds back to society, and with Dar Al Ber we found the best route to do so.

We believe that every person can help the less fortunate, with money, actions, or kind words, and everyone will do as much as they can.

We want to raise awareness of this cause that we stand behind and encourage you to learn more about Dar Al Ber society and decide for yourself the best way to help.

Paying our deeds back to society is not a trend, it is not seasonal but it is a continuous process that we must stay contributed to.

As the community of Store Us, we wanted to make sure we are giving back to the community that we are proudly a part of, and we would like to encourage our beloved customers to always think about the best way to provide help.

Enjoy shopping with StoreUs. You buy (at our regular price), we do the donation – 5 AED for every purchase from our online store.

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