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The UAE is getting ready to celebrate its National Day on 2nd of December. It’s an important occasion for the country as It’s the time to remember history and rejoice together as a nation. The honor of the union of the seven emirates. The emirates are standing as one independent and powerful nation in the country and in the Middle East. Going through years of struggle, hardship, and conflicts, The UAE was a separate country before 1960, which was once ruled by the colonial powers. First the Spanish then followed by Britain. Britain was always one powerful nation, it stood up beside our country to protect the gulf states from any foreign or political tension. In 1820 when the sheikhdoms signed the Trucial Sheikhdoms Treaty with the British government, which declared that Britain would safeguard the Gulf if the sheikhdoms agreed not to give up property for any business with other governments without prior authorization.


 The UAE we admire has a great history that needs to be glorified and remembered. Every emirate will celebrate  its day of foundation with love, passion, and enthusiasm. The United Arab Emirates has elevated itself to be counted amongst the world’s leading nations in numerous worthy categories. The country, as one, will celebrate with UAE National day fireworks, social gatherings, and other cultural events. Many festivities and fun activities will be held to make it a memorable occasion. Tourists from all over the world are travelling to the UAE to enjoy the new year and the national day. The theme of this year’s National Day of the UAE is “year of distinction and precedence”.


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has written this year a poem and described the Year of 2022 as the year of Distinction and Precedence. Hoping for the nation to move forward with determination, creativity and skill.


The annual event will be celebrated by both residents and visitors. As it Also allows everyone to experience the authenticity of the region’s history and culture. Here is how you can enjoy your time this year and to gain more knowledge about the country.


One of the most leading attractions in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates. The area will be transformed with a glittering world of UAE-themed décor – flags, falcons and Arabian horses – also an exciting schedule of live entertainment and special performances will be held to celebrate national pride.  


Starting the end of November and till 3rd of December, the Bedouin Wonders & Pearl Passion Show will paint the Bedouin tribe’s roots and the rich pearl fishing history of the Emirates. 

A pop-up souk-inspired tent will be set too, Here you can experience traditional activities, such as henna art and Arabic calligraphy. Don’t miss the incredible photos taking opportunity, especially with the beautiful falcon. 


City Centre Mirdif will be helding some special activities too in the mall’s special station which will be devoted to celebrate National Day 51. You will be able to enjoy gold henna & face painting for your little ones and you can create your personalised decoration, there will be fun-filled activities for everyone.    


Enjoy Fireworks at Burj Khalifa: Enjoy the National Day fireworks and the spectacular colours and lights. The fireworks will light up the sky in vibrant colours that you can enjoy with your friends and family while having delicious meals and drinks.


Plan a hang out with your friends: This year’s National Day holiday will be on the weekend which will give you an opportunity to plan an outing with your friends and family. You can also avail the discounted offers by several hotels during this time all across the country. Spending some time away from work and home will help you relax and recharge your energy.


Go Shopping: Why not take advantage of the discounts and shopping with your loved ones? You can also gift your friends or family or just for yourself. All the malls in UAE offer heavy discounts on apparels, accessories, jewellery items, and gadgets on Dubai’s National Day. Which is only an extra reason for you to enjoy shopping for your family members. All the malls are decorated in advance and several fun activities are arranged that people can enjoy when they’re shopping. will be also offering massive discounts on all categories just to make your celebrations more joyful and happy. You will also be able to enjoy free shopping on any amount all national days in addition of getting a chance to be one of National Day lucky winners.

Happy National Day UAE…