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Eid Al-Adha is coming and Storeus special offers are already available. Now is the time to spend some money on good shopping, especially on some of the categories, featured for the holidays.

However, the good news is that you can also start earning your first commissions, riding the wave of Eid promotions.

Here’s what we have right now:

1/ Up to 40% off on Fragrances

Pick your favorite scent for aid and let yourself (and others) feel the festive spirit. Read more >>

2/ Great collection of toys and games for kids (including LEGO) up to 50% off

Keep the kids busy and even join them. Not only children have the right to play.

3/ Cookware and kitchenware with up to 70% discount

Cook your traditional meals with fancy cookware. Serve and enjoy the family spirit and the good food. Read more >>

4/ Makeup products up to 65% off

Express yourself and show the best of you with genuine products from top cosmetics brands. Read more >>

5/ Personal care products with discounts up to 50%

Take care of your health and hygiene and stay safe. Read more >>

If you are wondering, how can you make money of these offers, see the simple steps below:

Step 1: Join the Storeus Partners Program (if you still haven’t joined yet).

Step 2: Log in and grab your unique link.

Step 3: Think of a friend or colleague who might be interested in one of the offers and share them with him/her. 

Some Examples

Example 1: Your female colleague, sitting next to you in the office, might be interested in buying a perfume for herself or her husband. Tell her about the “Up to 40% offer at Storeus” and send her your link via email or message.

Example 2: Your friend with 4 kids might be interested in something that can keep them busy during the holidays. Send her a Facebook message, telling her that Storeus has up to 50% off on toys and games and paste your unique link.

Example 3: When in a restaurant with friends who love cooking, mention the “up to 70% discount on cookware” at Storeus and show them your phone. In the browser, open the QR code of your unique link. They just need to scan it and if they buy anything in the nxt 30 days, you will get the commission.

As you can see, it is easy and fun to share our promotions packed with your unique link. The best thing – you can earn money by just having a good time with friends and colleagues.

Start here, join Storeus Partners Program: