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 Welcome Autumn!

Autumn is the season between summer and winter, Also known as fall. It’s when the weather becomes cooler and the leaves fall off the trees. It’s the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful. You must have so many thoughts in your head regarding What happens in the autumn season? What should I wear in autumn? How do I take care of myself in autumn? Should I change my skin care routine in winter?

Weather and seasonal changes can affect us in many aspects. You will feel a change in your emotional health and you may experience some mood swings. You will also notice differences on your skin and hair. Mostly the type of changes that we experience between seasons tend to be more negative than being actually positive. That’s why it’s a smart thing to start your transition process early or recover in the early days of the season. Believe me every detail manners a small change in the weather will affect your mood. You will start feeling down most of the time which can lead to a serious depression and eventually will put your health in a really bad place or you will start getting angry at the smallest detail. Also a small change in your look or your skin health will give you anxiety that no one will feel comfortable having it.

Why is self-care so important? You will need to take care of yourself because you will be affected by the weather from many aspects. Then What is a good self-care routine?

Your body needs care

You will tend to feel lazy when the weather starts to change. This is normal and nothing to worry about. As long as you will know how to deal with it and respond back to the change, then you’re safe. Stick to your working out routine and don’t skip gym today cause as a start it will be only today then only tomorrow resulting in neglecting yourself. In case you didn’t start working out yet, this is your sign to get up and push yourself.

Listen to your emotions

It’s okay to feel down between seasons but make sure not to ignore your feelings. Why is it important to listen to your emotions? Talking to a friend or to a specialist will help you not to develop your situation to worse and eventually require more attention. Motivate yourself by rewarding yourself with your favorite cheat meal, Shop the dress you always wanted or experience a new activity.

Take care of your hair 

With the weather starting to change your hair condition will start to go down the hell. You will start having bad hair day, start getting a weird feeling about your hair texture and it will start being frizzy all of the times .You will have to add extra care to your hair routine and will need to take care of your hair daily for example start by washing your hair with an extra care hydrating shampoo Macadamia Professional Nourishing Hair Repair Shampoo will Softly and gently cleanse your hair. Follow up with a conditioner SheaMoisture Manuka Honey And Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Conditioner is a great option for autumn as it’s sulphate free and will help to boost hydration while protecting your hair from environmental influences. If you feel like you started to lose hair more than usual Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion will help reduce hair loss and motivate blood circulation on the scalp. Will help hair follicles to receive nutrients, resulting in the hair root being alerted in order to improve hair growth.

Pay extra attention to your skin 

Your skin will be affected by the season change too. You will see noticeable changes on your face and body. Your skin will be more dry, less hydrated and more care demanding than before. Embrace the transition by daily moisturising your body Cetaphil Moisturising Cream will provide immediate and 24 hour lasting hydration. You will also start getting a dry feeling in your lips and around your mouth areas Labello Moisturizing Lip Balm will help to reduce and remove the dry feeling. Don’t leave the house without wearing sun cream as even if the weather is getting colder you still need the SPF to protect you from harmful UV rays, Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50++ is a perfect option. The hydrating sunscreen is absorbed into the skin fast without feeling greasy or leaving white cast so it’s a win-win deal.

Home environment care

In fact, home environment plays an important role in your life. Make sure your house and work area is always clean and organised. A few tweaks or simple additions to your house decor will do magic for you. A candle that smells like Autumn will make you feel better, try La Brezza Candle.

Adjust your diet

You will start feeling appetite changes. You will tend to be more into junk food and sweets than healthy food. The reason is because of the low temperature, your body craves sweets that will provide more warmth and energy. Make sure to replace it with fruits and healthy snacks instead and not to skip your healthy nutritious meals. Food supplements can help you here:  Gummy Vitamin C will support your immunity system and will help in your skin health. Also you can use multivitamin products to get a bonus care this Autumn.

Share your hair care & skin care routine with us. Try these out and let us know in the comments what you feel about it.