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After the confusing system of “school from home” for almost two years, my little ones are once again ready to roll. One thing that I can do to make their “home to school” transition easier is to send my children back to school in style.

I remember when I used to be in school, at the start of the new academic year, my parents always used to buy new school supplies for me. They used to say that with new things comes a fresh start, and that brings opportunities to help achieve your goals.

I was sitting with my friend Elna in the cafe and discussing about back to school season.

“Have you started to buy new school accessories for your children? The school is reopening in a few weeks, and I have not bought anything yet.” I said.

“Me too, however, I know the perfect place to buy good quality school stuff and that too without leaving our house.” Elna said.

Confused, I asked, “Which place is that?”

“Well, its called StoreUs, and they seem to have some very cool stuff for kids”, she responded. “Things like BTS themed school bags and Captain America styled back packs. I think my little son Dojo is going to enjoy these new back packs in school.”


“Sounds good, can you get school accessories too at Storeus?”, I asked.

“Yes, they have all the stuff, including lunch boxes like the Royalford Lunch Box which is designed to keep food fresh and hot for up to 3-4 hours. In fact, it also comes with an airtight lid that makes the lunch box leakproof.”

“Ok, that sounds interesting.” I said.

“If kids need more portions, there is a multi-compartment lunch bag as well.”  Elna explained.

“Well, that reminds me that I will also need to buy a new water bottle for my children.” I said.

“For that you can check out the Smily Kiddos Sports Drink Bottle or the Maped Helix USA 871611 Picnic Concept Water Bottle on storeus. These bottles are good for storing 14.5 OZ of water at a time”, Elna explained.



‘My kids are always spilling water in their school bags, I hope this one is leak proof.’ I said.

‘If water leakage is an issue you need to check out the Maped Helix USA 871611 Picnic Concept Water Bottle which is leak proof and it keeps the water cold as well. The best thing about this water bottle is that it comes with a simple lock on the cap of the bottle. So, whenever the kids want to drink water, they can simply press the button, and the cap of the bottle will open. Also the quality of the body of the water bottle is made up of strong thick plastic. Therefore the chances of damage to the bottle are less, which makes it a good product for a long period.’ Elna said.

‘Great, it sounds like Storeus has some reliable and good quality products. Do they have some school supplies as well?’ I asked.

‘Yes, you can get a set of Staedtler school supplies that has 12 Pencils, 12 Color Pencils, 2 Sharpeners, and 2 Erasers. In this pack, there are a total of 28 items in one set.’ Elna explained.



‘You seem to have done a lot of research’.

‘Well this thing happens every year, so I want to get the best for my kids’ Elna said. ‘Whether it is the 10 set Maruman Septcouleur A4 Notebook that has some 80 pages in its one notebook or a set of Uniballs pens, I want to get the best at the lowest price in town.’ Elna said.



‘What about laptops for college going kids? Can you get that at Storeus?’ I asked.

“Well, they do have pretty powerful laptops like the   Dell 2020 Newest Inspiron 11 and Lenova Idea Pad, which is great for outdoor activity. But I like more powerful laptops like the Razor Blade Stealth which is good enough for gaming’, Elna said,

“I didn’t know you are a gaming buff”,  I said.

“Most people do not know about that”  Elna said, “It’s my secret passion”.

“Well, we kind of discussed most of the stuff for back to school and I guess the only thing remaining is printers. Kids always have home work to do print outs.” I said.

“That’s covered too, You can get  the HP DeskJet 2320 printer from Storeus. It is an All-in-One Colored Printer that can Print, Scan, and Copy as well. This printer has all the advanced features. You don’t need an additional scanner nor a copier. This model is also updated which makes it a quality purchase.’ Elna said.