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Unlike Emma, I have dry skin.

I kind of envy Emma. She just wakes up with soft smooth skin, while I wake up with dry, flaky skin.

This gets worse during the cold season. Flaky skin starts to set in around my nose and above my brows.

Emma is always laughing at my struggles with dry skin.

Some people are born with good skin, while others like me have to use products like the Differin Restorative Night Moisturizer after my nightly cleansing routine a few times a week.

Emma says its not required but I use it any way with a light cleanser prior to applying the moisturizer. The bottle dispenses the cream out of a pump to give you the perfect amount of product.

‘Why do you have to use all these products?’ Emma asks.

‘You are lucky to be born with good skin but not all people are like you, Emma.’ I say.

‘We need the Differin Restorative Night Moisturizer to deeply moisturize our skin overnight. It’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin and Ceramides. Which means this moisturizer visibly improves skin texture by hydrating throughout the night for soft, smooth, more radiant skin.’ I explained.

‘You seem to have spent a lot of time with this’ Emma said.

‘When you have dry skin, you tend to look for solutions like the Differin Restorative Night Moisturizer, which immediately soothes and deeply moisturizes dry, flaky skin. It was developed by dermatologists and is non-irritating, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.’

‘Sounds good’ Emma said.

‘Yes, it feels rich and smooth and doesn’t leave any sort of oily residue. I love that it doesn’t make my skin overly moisturized, it just heals the dried out flaky areas. It really is great stuff.