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Some of us had a luckier, happier childhood than others, all of us faced some obstacles and difficulties growing up for sure, but we can all agree growing up with no parents is one of the most difficult obstacles the kid may face in their lives.

Thinking about those children you just need to realize that they are our responsibility, all of us, they are depending on the humanity inside our hearts to make their life easier.

No one can replace a parent, but we can try and meet their needs so they will have something less to worry about. and today with Dar Al Ber Society and Store Us, they made it really simple to contribute.

Dar Al Ber is sponsoring orphans as one of their ongoing causes, and you can always check on the kids they are sponsoring and the countries they have reached on their Orphans sponsorship page.

The countries they reached:

Dar Al Ber Society really made it easy for us to make a difference, they reached orphans from different countries, gave us the chance to get to know these kids, and made the good deed we are doing personal and near to the heart.

They have reached many countries in the Arab world and beyond from Egypt to Kenya, Kosovo, Mali, Uganda, Senegal, Tajikistan, Togo, and the UAE.

The ages they sponsor:

Dar Al Ber is sponsoring kids from young ages like Reem from Egypt or Khady and Alioune from Senegal.

They were unlucky that they lost their parents at this young age, but luckily Dar Al Ber was able to reach them and they are helping them with their needs and they give a chance to anyone who wants to contribute to their life.

There are also girls in their teenage years like Amsatou from Senegal, where Amsatou may have different needs than younger kids. She also needs to have the opportunity to graduate school and to get the tools to learn some skills that will assist her in her upcoming years.

Looking at the boys they sponsor there are also really young boys like Abdulrahuman from Uganda or some older kids like Lamine from Senegal.

The majority of the orphan kids they are sponsoring are between the age of 6-12 the age that requires many needs and so much support, as this age the kid will have the chance to go to school and have an opportunity to enhance their future, From the many kids, they sponsor we can mention Afissou from Togo, Adama from Mali, Diell and Kada From Kosovo.

The Importance Of This Cause:

We need to remember that meeting these orphans’ needs means we are keeping them away from working at a young age or being a part of any illegal activities to protect themselves and be able to go on with their lives.

This cause is not only giving money away and feeling good about it, any money as simple as it may be that goes to their cause will assist greatly in these kids’ lives, and will make a huge difference.

And having an easy way to be able to make this difference makes us even more responsible to be a part of these orphans’ sponsorship.

The Cause We Stand Behind:

This is the reason why from StoreUs we chose to support this cause, in particular, having an impact on the community is good work and it is needed but having an impact on orphans lives is great and it will help with building a greater community with the hands of these kids.

Our main goal is to have healthy happy children around the world and we are planning on giving a hand to help wherever we can to make their lives easier.

With your help, we have the chance to help with this cause as well, and with the cooperation we have with Dar Al Ber Society it became really simple to provide the needed help.

You can enjoy your shopping as usual from Store Us and we will take care of the donation, we will donate 5 Dirhams for every purchase you make, the more the merrier.

The donation will go from our profit, it will not be added to the order’s total, you will be able to buy your everyday needs with the regular prices and have an impact on these orphans lives at the same time.

We just need to keep in mind that the smile we are putting on an orphan’s face means a better nicer future for all of us.

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